Industry-Academia Collaboration Project

AsiaYo: Identifying bookings with a high-risk of host rejection to improve customer service and customer satisfaction (presentation, report) (2017-2018)

ShareCourse: Increasing student engagement through social signals (2017-present)

MyTaiwanTour: Development and evaluation of competency-based training system (sample slide) (2016-2017)

ShareCourse: Massive Cross-institutional Course (MaCCC) (2015-2016)

Service Design and Business Analytics Projects

Forecasting numbers of patients as reference for medical profession enrollment (presentation, report) (2016)

Love on the cloud (Final presentation of E-commerce)

Boutiques Buy Easy (Midterm presentation of Innovation & Design of Service System)

Your Love “Housekeeper” (Final presentation of Innovation & Design of Service System)(婚顧愛管家:服務系統創新設計期末報告 (2016)

Learning Environment Design for New Generation: Open Space of Institute of Learning Sciences As An Example (Final presentation/Poster of Learning Environment Design)


Flipped e-Book: A-Yue Cai Ca (翻頁電子書:阿月採茶)

ESL Supplementary Reading Handout

Interactive e-Book: Mandarin Go Easy(iBook互動電子書:華語輕鬆學)

Instructional videos

Latte Art Made Easy (第一次咖啡拉花就上手) 

Buying THSR Ticket—for Intermediate-Level Mandarin Learning(中級華語教材:購買高鐵票)

Working Phone Calls—for Business Mandarin Learning(商業漢語:工作電話用語)

Thanksgiving—for Holiday Mandarin Learning(華語教學短片:感恩節)

Video production

2015 NTHU ILS Graduation Video(2015 學習科學研究所小畢典)

2014 TK Church Young Group(2014 學青聖誕回顧影片)

2013 NTNU MTC Summer Camp (2013 師大華語夏令營大五班畢業影片)

2013 Teaching Pronunciation Video (2013 英語發音教學影片成果)

2012 NHCUE DEI Farewell Party(2012 英語教學系101級送舊大會畢業影片)

2011 NHCUE DEI Farewell Party(2011 英語教學系101級送舊大會畢業影片)

2011 NTNU MTC Summer Camp (2011 師大華語夏令營大三班畢業影片)

Mini online course

NTHU Mandarin (清大華語e學習)


Children and Young Adult Literature